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ArcticFoX Pre-Chiller  


Save Energy and Reduce Freeze Time 

Simple Installation, No Maintenance, Long Life, 100% Recyclable

  • Works with most types of commercial
    or industrial ice making equipment
  • Uses outgoing cold melt water to pre-chill
    incoming fresh water
  • Double wall vented construction prevents
    cross-contamination between drain water and fresh water
  • Constructed with ASTM B306 DWV wrapped
    with NSF 61 ASTM B88 0.05” Type L waterline
  • Helps reduces freeze time in warm weather climates
  • Reduce wear and tear on you equipment

Contact us for special applications and quantity pricing

  The ArcticFoX comes in 2 standard models:
  • G2-12 - 2" drain diameter and is 12" in length
    PDF here for 1/4"  tubing (12.250)
    PDF here for 3/8"  tubing (12.375)
  • G2-24 - 2" drain diameter and is 24" in length

download PDF  

 What Alliance For Water Efficiency says about Commercial Ice Makers:

Ice makers use more water than just the water contained in the ice.  This equipment can often be very inefficient in water use.  The typical icemaker uses 2 or 3 times more water than needed to make the ice we consume.   These water using machines can be found everywhere; hospitals account for 39.4 percent of all commercial ice-maker purchases, followed by hotels (22.3 percent), restaurants (13.8 percent), retail outlets (8.5 percent), schools (8.5 percent), offices (4.3 percent) and grocery stores (3.2 percent).  
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