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turbo2Solar Panel Liquidiation Sale! Solar.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Swing Green, Inc., under special assignment, is NOW offering below wholesale cost Solar Panels. These panels are obtained by either a Bankruptcy, Distress or Project Cancellation and priced to liquidate quickly.

All products, unless otherwise labeled, are NEW, never istalled, factory tested and packaged with manufacture's warranty intact. All proper documentation of ownership is available and ALL SALES are final. Buyer is responsible for pick-up and/or delivery via F.O.B from warehouse location provided by Seller.

Transactions are 1st come, 1st served.  Bank Transfer or Certified Check is required at Contract Execution. 


  • CSUN 305w poly panels, 58 cents a watt for pallets or 56 cents a watt container loads!
  • Solaria 200w & 210w frameless panels with cosmetic blems, 40 cents a watt for pallet qty.! FOB California.
  • U.S. made 315w Neptune mono panels with cosmetic blemishes, 1 yr warranty, 51 cents a watt pallet qty or CALL for truckload price! Sitting in Texas
  • REC 240w poly panels, 51 cents a watt for container loads, or CALL for pallet pricing! East coast.
  • Topint Solar 190 watt mono panels and 225w poly panels, 44 cents a watt for 50 kw minimum order or LESS for truckloads, CALL!
  • Also have Topoint 245w 96-cell mono panels, 51 cents a watt for 4 pallets +!
  • Talesun 250w/255 watt poly panels, 58 cents a watt pallets or 56 cents a watt container loads! East coast.
  • Trina Smart 250w panels with built-in Tigo optimizers, which eliminate the need for micro-inverters! 53 cents/w containers/truckloads (10 pallet minimum)!
  • U.S. made Suniva 330w mono panels w/cosmetic blemishes, 55 cents a watt for pallets, or 52 cents/w for container load qty.!(RE: warranty questions, please call for details.) Also have A-grade 335w mono for 82 cents a watt for pallets, 80cents/w for 100 kw+ qty.!
  • Yingli 285w/290w 72-cell poly panels, 60 cents a watt pallet quantities!
  • Korean-made Hansol poly 260w (60-cell) and 310w (72-cell) panels, 65 cents/w pallets or 60 cents/w container loads! Sitting in California.
  • QCELLS 325w poly panels, 71 cents a watt for pallets or CALL for container loads! (Could be as low as 61 c/w!)
  • JA Solar 300w poly panels, 63 cents a watt for pallets! Sitting in California.
  • JA Solar 320w poly panels, 65 cents/w for container loads or 68 cents/w pallets!
  • SOLARWORLD 260w mono panels, 73 cents a watt 2 to 4 pallets, 71 cents a watt 5 pallets+! FOB Pennsylvania.
  • 160 watt 12-volt solar panels, 77 cents a watt for full 40' container load. West coast.
  • Canadian Solar 310w poly panels, 65 cents a watt container loads! (12 pallet minimum) Chinese cells, good for Canada, Mexico etc. (but not U.S.) FOB Vancouver Canada.
  • LG 360w & 365w mono 'Neon' 72-cell panels, 90 cents a watt truckload qty minimum! That's a DELIVERED price anywhere in 48 contiguous states!
  • Sunedison 310w poly panels and 325w mono panels, CALL for liquidation price!
  • Canadian-made Heliene 310w panels, 68 cents a watt for container loads, less for Megawatt qty.!
  • 432 LG 300w AC panels (microinverters), previously installed but FULL 25 yr warranty 61 cents @ watt
  • Also, have the same as above - NEW (2 containers) at 81 cents @ watt
  • 50 SolarEdge 3800w 'Revenue Grade' invertors - NEW in box! $930 each or $850 each for all 50 - Wholesale Distributors selling these @ $1200.00! 


 All the above equipment is NEW, never installed UNLESS otherwise noted.

LOTS of new solar thermal panels for solar hot water systems being liquidated. Call for info!

All the above equipment is NEW, never installed UNLESS otherwise noted.

 If you're looking for smaller quantities than a container load or other similar items call 855-439-7446!  

updated July 8, 2016


ConsumerAffairs created a guide that helps consumers determine whether or not "going solar" will work for them. Here are a few topics covered in the guide:

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