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Whether you are an Architect, Engineer, builder, facility manager, contractor, or building owner, the movement to green products and their performance offer tremendous advantages to both you and your clients.

Sustainable Building practices create new challenges to the building industry.  With steady increases to the cost of energy and ongoing efforts to reduce energy consumption across the nation, there is a major effort to construct new buildings and upgrade existing ones to become more energy efficient.  These efforts include using advanced technologies as well as looking at common sense approaches to saving and recycling energy.  Integrated design from the beginning is important so that it encompasses the entire building and all components to work together to reduce the buildings operational costs.  This means changing the way the industry thinks and works together.

Heat recovery is a method of reducing the overall energy consumption of the facility and reducing operating costs. 

The residential and small commercial building sectors consume domestic hot water in smaller quantities and lower temperatures then in large industrial operations.  Individually these buildings go overlooked as being too small since they cannot utilize many of the heat recovery options on the market.  The majority of which are geared towards the large industrial processes where the available equipment is not an economical choice or useful with the lower temperatures in residential and commercial buildings.

Rising utility costs and high-energy consumption of heating water and for everyday activities like showering, laundry, dishwashing and other daily practices, creates the need to implement drain water heat recovery into in daily use.  Hot water has the ability for retaining heat; Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) captures this heat and recycles it back into the facility to improve the water heating process by relieving the water heater workload. 

Federal Mandates

The federal government has defined over 11 mandates to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions through appliances and HVAC systems starting in 2013 through 2015.  The equipment used to accomplish those mandates can be expensive to implement.

Swing Green Solutions

In collaboration with the Department of Energy, Swing Green has developed several Green Energy Waste Heat Recovery Systems that not only provide the benefits and advantages of green technology but also adds value to an existing system.

Our systems have been tested, approved, and implemented throughout several markets including:

  • Government facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Universities
  • Commercial Laundries
  • Hospitals
  • Fitness Centers
  • Water Parks
  • Processing Plants

Our systems perform to reach a zero cost basis.  What that means for the facility is that no matter how complex the design, we do not increase your monthly outlay but rather show a cost-to-zero time frame.  Meaning, how long it will take to cover the cost of the systems using realized savings each month.

We are ready to help you design the most efficient and cost effective plan for your project.  Simply send us your preliminary drawings and we will design a system that is right for your project. System design request